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Windows 7

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CAUTION Installing Windows 7 can not be improvised or reinstall a system like XP.
How to do without running the risk of losing valuable data?

Why chosse Windows 7 ?

Some of the major features out of the dozens and dozens that Microsoft is promoting Windows 7 has are; Pin, Snap, HomeGroup, Play To, Windows Touch, taskbar, Windows Search, Internet TV, Setting-up-a-home-network .

There were a total of 54 features listed on Microsoft’s Website all of them are listed below.

Windows 7 Features

64-bit Support Le support 64 bits
Accessibility Accessibilité

Action Center Action Center

Aero Aero

Aero Peek Aero Peek

Aero Shake Aero Shake

Backup and Restore Sauvegarde et restauration

BitLocker BitLocker

Calculator Calculatrice

Desktop Enhancements Desktop Enhancements

Device Management Gestion des périphériques

DirectX 11 DirectX 11

Domain Join Joindre le domaine

Gadgets Gadgets

Games Explorer Explorateur des jeux

Getting Started Getting Started

HomeGroup HomeGroup

Improved Memory Use Utiliser sa mémoire améliorée
Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 8
Internet TV Internet TV

Jump Lists Aller listes

Libraries Bibliothèques

Live Taskbar Previews Live Taskbar Previews

Location Aware Printing Location Aware Impression

Multiplayer Games Multiplayer Games

Paint Paint

Parental Controls Contrôle parental

Performance Improvements Améliorations de la performance

Pin Pin

Play To Pour jouer

Power Management Gestion de l'alimentation

Remote Media Streaming Télécommande Media Streaming

Sleep and Resume Sleep and Resume

Snap Snap

Snipping Tool Outil de découpage

Sticky Notes Sticky Notes
System Restore Restauration du système
Tablet PC Tablet PC

User Account Control User Account Control

View Available Networks Afficher les réseaux

Windows Anytime Upgrade Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows Connect Now Windows Connect Now

Windows Defender Windows Defender

Windows Easy Transfer Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Experience Index Windows Experience Index

Windows Firewall Pare-feu Windows

Windows Live Essentials Windows Live Essentials

Windows Media Center Windows Media Center

Windows Media Player 12 Windows Media Player 12

Windows Search Windows Search

Windows Taskbar Barre des tâches Windows

Windows Touch Windows Touch

Windows Update Windows Update

Windows XP Mode Windows XP Mode

Microsoft lists the top 10 reasons to upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 7.

1. Get quicker access to all of your stuff
2. Do more and wait less
3. Better compatibility
4. Share files and printers among multiple PCs
5. Stay entertained effortlessly
6. Easily create and share movies
7. Keeps your PC better protected with fewer interruptions
8. Touch and tap rather than point and click
9. Supports more TV, movies, videos, and music in more ways
10. Manage devices more easily

After reading the Windows 7 promotional material on their web pages I for one will not upgrade any of my computers to Windows 7. The benefits are too small for the trouble. I will gladly buy a computer with Windows 7 on it and hopefully by then they have most of the bugs worked out.

There are 3 Upgrade Versions and Install Versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Ultimate

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